Branding allows you to change the entire look and feel of PortalSafe. You can match it to your own Website or create your own custom look and feel.

To access Branding, click on the Branding button in the Admin tab.

Customizable Options

Page Settings:

You can either type in your desired color code or use the selector to select your desired color.

  • Background Color
  • Content Color
  • Menu Color
  • Logout Text Color

Page Header Settings:

The header is the image across the top of the page. You can upload any image you would like by clicking the 'Select Header' button. You can also customize the link the user is sent to if they click on the header by inputting a Navigation URL. Be sure to enter a Width and Height for the header to appear.

Email Header Settings: You to customize the PortalSafe notification emails going out to your clients by adding your own Header Image and the Navigation URL for that image.

Email SMTP Settings:

With this feature, you will be able to send out PortalSafe notification emails from an email address of your choosing. If not enabled, the recipients notification will be sent by

Under Email SMTP Settings, select the box next to Enabled. Enter your email server details.


If you have a Gmail account, you would enter the SMTP Server Address as: The From Email Address and Email Username are your complete email address: The Email Password is the password linked to your Gmail account. Click the Test button to send a test email to your admin account.

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