Guest Users

To begin using PortalSafe, you will need to create Guest User accounts.

Creating and Managing Guest Users

  • Go to the Admin tab on the right hand corner of the screen.

  • Click the 'Guest Users' button.

  • Go to the bottom of the pop up window and select 'Add Guest User'.

  • Assign Drawer Permissions.
    • Notify - When this is checked the guest user will receive emails when files are uploaded their account.
    • Upload - When this is checked the guest user can upload files.
    • Delete - When this is checked the guest user can delete files that are in their drawer.
  • Select the Add Another button to continue adding users.
  • Select the Complete button when you have finished adding your guest users.

Note: When adding information, be sure to include any item you want to search by such as phone number, name and company name.

Adding Guest Users from a CSV file

If you have a CSV file of the Guest Users you would like to add to your account, you can easily import them into PortalSafe.

In the Guest Users window, select the 'Import Guest Users' icon. Choose the CSV file containing your list and click Open. Enter the Guest User details and select “Import” then “loading message” will come up when complete loading message will show all the added Guest Users.

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