Training Videos

Introducing PortalSafe - 1 min 26 sec

How to use PortalSafe - 4 min 25 sec

Admin Training - 20 min 07 sec

Create a Guest User - 0 min 54 sec

Multiple Guest Users - 1 min 19 sec

ATX Integration - 2 min 09 sec

TaxWise Integration - 1 min 58 sec

Getting Started

The middle window is your file storage area. Subfolders and shared drawers are displayed on the left.

Uploading Files

To upload files, click the upload button and select the files you want to upload. You can also upload files by dragging and dropping them into PortalSafe from your desktop or another windows folder.

Downloading Files

To download files, select the Download link next to the file.


If you cannot delete files, upload files, or set an expiration date then your account is limited to downloading files only. If you need additional permissions, please contact your administrator.

Attaching Notes

You can attach notes to files by clicking the yellow note button while uploading or selecting a file that has previously been uploaded and clicking the notes button on the Tool bar.

Setting Expiration Dates

Setting an expiration date on a file will set it to be automatically deleted from the account when the expiration date is met.

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