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Account Details

The Account Details button shows you information on your account, such as the email associated with the account, the phone number, how much storage space you have used, how many drawers, how many guest users, and how many account admins.

Service Plan:

The Service Plan button on the Admin tab is where you can see the information related to your current plan, such as the PortalSafe service you are subscribed to, your credit card information, and how to cancel your PortalSafe account.

Update Service Plan:

  • To update your service plan, click on the 'Update Service Plan' button in the Service Plan Menu.
  • This will open up a menu where you can see the upgrades to PortalSafe, how much they cost, if you are subscribed to Overdraft, and which plan you are on.

Note: Overdraft allows you to continue to upload files even if your account limit has been reached.

Each time you go over your limit, your card will be charge a set overdraft fee of $10.00 per 2 Gigabytes.

Update Billing:

  • To update your billing credit card, in the Admin tab, click the “Service Plan” button.
  • This will bring up a menu where you can modify your credit card details.
  • Once you are finished modifying the details, click 'Update'.

Cancelling PortalSafe:

  • To cancel PortalSafe, simply click the 'Cancel PortalSafe' button.

Note: Any changes to billing will go into effect for the next billing cycle.

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