User Groups

User Groups allows you to divide your users into groups so you can easily manage the files you send to them.

Creating User Groups

  • Click on the User Groups button on the Admin tab.
  • Click the 'Add User Group' button on the bottom left hand corner of the pop up window.

  • Enter the name for the new User Group and click 'Add'.

Adding and Removing Users to User Groups

  • In the User Group window, click on the 'edit' option that is next to the user group you wish to modify.
  • In this window, you can rename the group, add guest users, or admins to the group.
  • To add guest users, click the 'Edit Guest Members' button.

  • It should bring up a window called Edit User Group Guests with all of your guest users. To add a guest user, click on the check mark box next to the user name.
  • To remove a guest user from a group, uncheck their name in the Edit User Group Guests window.
  • To add Admin users, follow the same steps above, except click the 'Edit Admin Members' button instead.

Note: Administrators can be limited to view the group that they are attached to. If you have separate departments within your company, you can purchase one PortalSafe account, create admins for the different departments, create groups for each department and then put your users in their department group.

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